Afghanistan, situated between Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates, is one of the few countries that incredibly vast natural resources.Although a complete survey of Afghanistan’s coal reserves has not been done, geological estimates show that Afghanistan has a huge amount of coal reserves. Afghanistan, above all, has large quantities of anthracite coal which are considered the highest quality in coal ranking.
Currently, there are more than 113 coal mining regions for easy exploitation has been identified and thousands of extraction sites are active in the north and north-western Afghanistan.
ECEP HAN, as a leading trading company in Afghanistan, is active in all extraction sites and can export thousands of tons of high-quality coal to every continent in the world..

Benefit of working with us

Afghan Miner is a well-established company in Afghanistan with more than 15 years of experience in all provinces of Afghanistan. We know the local business and social culture more than any company and our human and business resources in the country enable us to handle large and complex projects with ease.

  • From north eastern region to the north wester region there are enormous amount of high quality coal deposits that can be extracted easily and Afghan Miner with established offices around the world and knowledge of locality with a track record of Doing Business for Good is a reliable partner.
  • Having a reliable local partner in any mining projects will be beneficial because the Government of Afghanistan will require fewer guarantees from the investor.
  • We have gathered hundreds of years of experience by hiring professionals around the country.
  • Most of our employees, in Afghanistan, are local professionals which enable us to work in any area that will bechallenging for others.
  • Our business network in Afghanistan and around the globe and our experience working with the AfghanGovernment will give us to overcome the challenges easily.