Partner with us and make sure your future standing in one of the world’s largest industry

We are not treating you as a business partner, rather we will treat you as part ofour selves and part of our soul.

Know our Story

Get Involved


Lets know each other, build confidence and move forward

Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement 35%%
Partnership Agreement 25%%
Long Term Revenue Sharing Agreement 20%%
Starting Budget Agreement 20%%
Team Building

Lets Prepare the Professional

Our On-the-Ground Team will start communicating with partener’s teamOn the Ground Team Building


Bidding and Contract

Work with the government to secure the mine


Exploration and Mining

Work together to mobilize and get the most of the contracted mines.

Ensure your success

Be Our Partner

Become not only our partner but the part of our soul

This partnership is very complex and as it will be a long-term and strategically important partnership, it needs careful consideration and loads of back and forth questions and answers. Although it needs these cautious communications, we must be swift in our communication and finalization of this partnership because the situation on the ground is getting critical in terms of competition. The partnership, nevertheless, will be a non-political partnership as it will not take a side in any political activity whatsoever; this is very important for the fund security and mitigating future risks considering the situation in Afghanistan.