We mine for you the mine and mineral commodities you need, we mine with you the mine and mineral commodities you are interested in, and we help you mine and do business in Afghanistan.

We have gathered 100s of years of experience to help you in the business environment of Afghanistan. We are always present, always there for you and always ready to help you achieve higher growth through our products and services.

We at Afghan Miners, from the time of opening our eyes in the morning to the time of hitting the hay, are thinking about you; your needs, your priorities and your business growth.

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Entire Builders Engineering (eBe)

Establishment of leading Construction & Engineering Company in Afghanistan and executed more than 50 design- built, construction, logistics, and public and military projects.


Hama Sazan

Established power engineering and renewable energy services, implementation and Development Company with successful track record countrywide in Afghanistan.

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Star Target Contracting

Implemented various constructions, renovation, contracting and subcontracting projects all over the UAE.


Afghan Rayan Educational and Development Org

Community development is part of business ethics and with establishing AREDO, as a NGO, we have helped marginalized Afghan communities in education and development projects.


ECEP HAN International

Through establishment of ECEP HAN international companies in five countries in the medical device and PPE production and manufacturing which later has helped the humanity in them time of pandemic. ECEP HAN also started Afghan Miners and Harir Saffron Brands.



BoboSync project was founded on top of sharing the vision determined to build and bring BoboSync app to our users worldwide with the mission of creating personal live virtual experience as close as it can get to a personal physical travelling experience.