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Mitigate risks and maximize value through comprehensive, independent studies and reviews by multidisciplinary experts

Due Diligence and Project Reviews 35%%
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Mining Risk Assessment 15%%
Mining Viability Studies 15%%
Technical Reporting 10%%
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Cost-effectively solve your community and environmental challenges while minimizing liabilities and complying with regulations

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Add value to your project by using the latest exploration techniques and innovative technologies to design and implement your exploration programme

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Optimize exploration and its outcomes through state-of-the-art targeting tools used by highly experienced consultants.

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We deliver a range of specialized services to the earth and water resource industries. For mining clients, these services cross the project life cycle from early-stage exploration through development and operations to closure. We are an independent consultancy providing focused advice and solutions to clients. For mining projects, we offer services from exploration to mine closure. Our specialists are leaders in fields such as due diligence, technical studies, mine waste and water management, permitting, and mine rehabilitation. Applying their extensive knowledge and experience, our consultants develop innovative approaches and practical techniques that meet clients’ unique needs and financial objectives.