15 Years of Fruitful Experience in 10 Business Sectors in Afghanistan and around the Globe

We have the latest professional knowledge, domestic work experiences, multilingual international team, and community outreach capacity which hand in hand with policy of maximum local hiring enable us to work in areas and sectors where others find it hard to manage.

OUR Approach

We have international and domestic professional connection with authorities which connect us with international investment hubs and local government agencies, providing access to outreach field elements and mines to avoid social, environmental and risky challenges, which saves millions in value and provides hundreds in ROI.

We offer geological, geotechnical, engineering and beneficial services that targets local mining industries and connects to international markets via our international logistic partners around Afghanistan Borders and Ports.

15+ years of professional business experience in fields of construction, geotechnical engineering, engineering design and manufacturing sectors skilled in Business developments where committed to stabilize your successful ROI.

I have created businesses, and partnered internationally and owning multiple Brands, patents That can commit with successful mining accomplishment In Afghanistan REE, other mining commodities.

“We have the knowledge and experience to find the solutions you need to move forward. "

Nikmal. A. Mazary,
Founder, Engineer, Entrepreneur and CEO

I promise you success in getting access to the huge mining industry of Afghanistan and I, through our connections with government and local communities, will make sure that the road to your success is paved by me and my team’s continuous efforts.

“We have the knowledge and experience to find the solutions you need to move forward. "

Hedayatullah Zaheb,
Co-Founder, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet

Our many years of experience helps us solve all your challenges


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