Afghan Miner as the Board Member for Making National Coal Policy

Honorable Alhaj Nuruddin Azizi, Minister of Industry and Trade, met with the members of the coal sector and discussed various issues, including the creation of several laboratories to investigate and prevent the smuggling of precious stones abroad and the creation of a national union to coordinate their problems on time.

The participants expressed their problems related to the customs tariff, taxes, and other issues and asked the ministry’s leadership to take care of them.
Alhaj Azizi said that the central leadership of the coal sector belongs to the honorable Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, but its commercial part is entrusted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

AlHaj Azizi asked the participating members of the country’s coal sector to share their problems in writing with the ministry so that they can be discussed and dealt with in the meetings of the country’s Supreme Economic Commission.

The delegation of the ministry of trade and commerce specially thanked Mr. Hedayatullah Zaheb, the managing director of ECEP HAN Trading & Mining Company and co-founder of Afghan miner, for his efforts in preparing an excellent policy recommendation proposal for national coal policy and reiterated that Mr. Zaheb would be a member of the committee for policy preparation and new national coal union.

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